Emerging Topics in Cryptographic Design and Cryptanalysis

30 April - 4 May, 2007 - Samos, Greece


Below is the list of the speakers of the ECRYPT PhD Summer School :

Name Institution Homepage
Daniel Bernstein University of Illinois at Chicago Daniel Bernstein's homepage
Olivier Billet France Télécom R&D Olivier Billet's homepage
Bruno Buchberger RISC - Johannes Kepler University, Linz Bruno Buchberger's homepage
Anne Canteaut INRIA Anne Canteaut's homepage
Carlos Cid  Royal Holloway, Univ. London Carlos Cid's homepage
Christophe De Cannière K.U. Leuven Christophe De Cannière's homepage
Jean-Charles Faugère LIP6/INRIA Jean-Charles Faugère's homepage
Thomas Johansson Lund University  Thomas Johansson's homepage
Lars Knudsen DTU - Technical University of Denmark  Lars Knudsen's homepage
Tanja Lange TU Eindhoven Tanja Lange's homepage
Benoît Libert UCL Crypto Group Benoît Libert's homepage
Kenny  Paterson Royal Holloway, Univ. London Kenny Paterson's homepage
Ludovic Perret SPIRAL - LIP6 Ludovic Perret's homepage
Bart Preneel K.U. Leuven Bart Preneel's homepage
Christian Rechberger T.U. Graz Christian Rechberger's homepage
Michael Scott Dublin City University Michael Scott's homepage
Nicolas Sendrier INRIA Nicolas Sendrier's homepage
Jacques Stern Ecole Normale Supérieure Jacques Stern's homepage