Emerging Topics in Cryptographic Design and Cryptanalysis

30 April - 4 May, 2007 - Samos, Greece

Travel Information

The Greek island of Samos is located in the Eastern Aegean Sea, just 2 km from the Turkish coast. You can travel to Samos either by plane or boat.

Plane. The best way to travel to Samos is by plane. From early in the spring, there are often charter flights to Samos from a number of European cities. You may need to check with your local travel agency for availability and schedule. Alternatively, you may travel to Athens and catch a domestic one-hour flight to Samos. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines operate daily flights between Athens and Samos. The summer school venue is located at 2 km from the airport in Samos.

Boat. The island of Samos is linked by ferry to Piraeus (Athens) and a number of Greek islands. In late April, there is one daily ferry from Piraeus to Samos departing late in the afternoon/early evening (the return ferry to Piraeus departs early in the morning). The trip takes around 11 hours (for schedule and booking, see here). Please note that there are two main ports in Samos: Karlovassi and Vathi. To reach the summer school venue, it is better to get off at Vathi and take a taxi to the hotel (located in the village of Pythagorion - see the map of Samos).

Please note that 01.May.2007 is a public holiday in Greece (Labour Day), as well as in much of Western Europe. We therefore recommend early booking of flights to Samos and/or Athens.